Dough Like a Pro with These 3 Essential Dough Mixer Attachments

commercial dough mixer

Every chef, baker, and cook knows that the food she produces is only as good as the equipment and ingredients she uses. Without a well-stocked kitchen, certain culinary delights just aren't possible.

The very basis of almost any recipe involves the combination of different ingredients, quite often through mixing and blending. Batters, doughs, sauces, and frostings of various kinds all must be thoroughly mixed in order to turn out correctly. That's why nearly every kitchen needs a commercial mixer.

However, just owning a mixer isn't enough. Good commercial dough mixers must also be accompanied by industrial mixer machine accessories. With the correct attachments, a commercial dough mixer can be used in a wide variety of applications for more cooking and baking possibilities.

Here's a few restaurant mixer accessories every kitchen needs:

A Dough Hook

No commercial dough mixers would be complete without dough hook attachments in various sizes. These sturdy, spiral-shaped attachments are well suited for kneading heavy dough and pastry. If hand-kneading isn't fast enough, pizza dough, bread dough, and other dense mixtures are all best blended with a dough hook. In a spiral mixer, the dough hook actually remains stationary while the bowl rotates below.

A Paddle Attachment

Paddle attachments are a versatile, go-to choice for mixing many kinds of batters. Paddle beaters are best for mixing cake batter, brownie batter, or any batter with a normal to heavy consistency. Biscuits, pastries, mashed potatoes, and frosting can all be blended with flat paddle beaters.

A Balloon Whisk/Whip Attachment

These attachments feature thin, curved wire with a generous amount of space between each spoke. These spacious whisk attachments are ideal for whipping air into a light, thin mixture, which grants the material a lovely lightness and fluffiness. Balloon whisks are therefore ideal for whipping egg whites, cream, and lighter cake batters. Due to its delicacy, trying to use a balloon whisk for heavy mixtures could damage the attachment.

Other Mixer Attachments

Though the attachments mentioned above are most common, a huge variety of other specialty paddles and whisks can be bought to meet an array of culinary needs. Splash guards, mixer stands, specialty bowls, and more can make any mixing task a piece of cake.

It can take up to 25 minutes to knead dough by hand, but using an industrial mixer saves significant amounts of time. With these mixer attachments, your kitchen will be more efficient and hassle-free than ever before. For more information or to order commercial grade restaurant equipment, contact us at Pro Restaurant Equipment today!

Feb 9th 2019

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