Need an Electric Meat Grinder? How Not to Fall for the Wrong One

The restaurant industry is one of the most vibrant sectors of the American economy, pulling in $783 billion per year. To make it in this thriving but highly competitive industry, you need to optimize every element of your operations so that your business can become lean and agile. Part of this process optimization involves mechanizing processes. Meat production is one area where specialized equipment helps you move faster and more precisely.

An electric meat processor is vital in the food business as it helps you save hours and manpower in production. If your business is looking for an electric meat grinder here is a guide to aid your decision making.

Why You Need an Electric Meat Grinder

In the commercial grade restaurant equipment market, there are both manual and electric versions of meat processing equipment. But when you are shopping around for an electric meat processor for grinding purposes, it’s essential to first understand the benefits it can deliver for your business.

1. Convenient to Use

As a commercial outfit, you want to look for an electric meat processor that makes life easier, not harder. An electric meat grinder fits this bill to the T since it is a plug and play piece of machinery. Once you have purchased your grinder, all you need to do is assemble it, connect to a power source, fill the tube with meat, and flip a switch. There is no straining to rotate levers for it to work.

Another benefit of the electric meat grinder is that once it is operational, you don't have to expend as much energy to see your task through. Unlike its manual counterpart, you do not need to push the meat in with your hands. The electrical unit comes with a feature that will push the meat into it for smoother operation.

2. Speed

Along with being convenient, an electric-powered commercial meat grinder works much faster than a manual one. For your business, that is not a trivial point. Rather, it directly affects your level of productivity, and thus, the revenue you ultimately generate.

As it's an electric meat processor, such a grinder depends on motors of various horsepower and wattage to get the job done. You have the flexibility of matching the kind of performance speed you require to your output for granular optimization of your workflow.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Meat Grinder

The benefits a professional meat grinder delivers for your business will influence you to purchase a unit or two. But before you can buy the equipment for your firm, you need to know what makes an excellent electric meat grinder.

1. Power

The best meat grinder for you is the one that supports your optimal production level. Thus, the power rating is something you must scrutinize. An ideal power rating for commercial application is at 1,000 watts and above. Another useful way to determine the power rating of an electric grinder is to look at the number of pounds it’s designed to process per hour. Anything at 100 pounds and above is ideal for commercial use.

2. Size

The size of an electric meat grinder's hopper (the tray holding the meat at the top) and the feed tube (where the meat will travel to reach the blades) determines the level of output you will achieve. Thus, you need to know the size and amount of meat you'll process to pick the perfectly-sized grinder.

3. Safety

Safety considerations when picking any electric meat processor is paramount. An electric meat grinder shouldn’t have any exposed spaces around the blades. Additionally, it should have an in-built circuit breaker to protect you when it overheats or experiences any electrical problems.

Choose the Right Meat Grinder

The restaurant business is lucrative but competitive. As such, you need to glean every efficiency from your operations to stay ahead of the game. A commercial meat grinder will help you save time and manpower while delivering the best product to customers.

Oct 22nd 2019

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