Stay On-Trend! What Your Bakery is Missing

Stay On-Trend! What Your Bakery is Missing

What do you think of when you hear “bakery?” Probably delicious breads, warm soups, and soft bagels. Though delicious, there isn’t much variety between bakeries. Following top restaurant trends in 2018 will be sure to diversify your menu and put your bakery above the competition. 

Keep it Local
The push toward locally-sourced food isn’t going anywhere. With the hand-made aspect of baked goods already drawing in crowds to your local bakery, utilizing local farms and businesses will promote the community-driven aspect of your business that appeals to customers. However, getting the right equipment is key in maintaining a great bakery. Did you know kneading your dough by hand can take up to 25 minutes? If you haven’t already purchased commercial grade restaurant equipment -- hello, heavy duty dough mixer -- get on that. A heavy duty dough mixer or a dough roller machine will make your life easier; with more efficiency comes more time to ensure your customer has the best experience possible. And happy customers are more likely to come back. 

Ancient Grains
Incorporating “ancient grains” is a great way to drum up business and give your bakery a unique flair. Using kamut, spelt, and lupin are all interesting ways to incorporate culture into food and experiment with different styles of baking. In particular, kamut is making a huge comeback due to its nutritional benefits -- it has nearly 40% more protein than modern wheat and doesn’t need all the pesticides and fertilizers modern wheats require. There are countless ways of preparing these ancient grains, and playing with your industrial dough mixers and incorporating different flavors will help you stand out among the other bakeries in your area. 

Meat, Meat, and More Meat
According to the National Restaurant Association, chefs predict that new cuts of meat will dominate the food trends we’ll see in 2018. These new cuts will include shoulder tenders, oyster steaks, and Merlot cuts, among others. Pairing these new items with tried-and-true recipes will make your restaurant stand out from the rest. If you’re worried about handling some of the new meat options, investing in a good commercial meat tenderizer is key in using every part of the meat you get, even the tough pieces you think no one wants. A commercial meat tenderizer breaks down the proteins through pounding. This results in softer, more palatable textures from initially tough cuts.

Heritage-breed meats are also desired in 2018. Similar to finding locally-sourced, sustainable options, heritage meats are traditional breeds that are suitable for the area in which they are raised. They’re more well-adapted for the environment and serve as a vital genetic resource to preserve these important traits. Using every part of the animal is also an incentive for consumers; getting the most out of your meat can be achieved through a commercial meat tenderizer or a meat cutting machine to try different cuts and styles for your customer.

Try incorporating these trends into your menu this year. Whether you’re putting a spin on something old or using your commercial restaurant equipment to try something new, utilizing the commercial grade restaurant equipment in your arsenal is key to helping your bakery thrive in 2018.

Jun 12th 2018

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