What a Meat Tenderizer Brings to the Table

Sitting down for a nice, tender serving of juicy meat is enjoyed by millions every day. In 2018 alone, over 200 million people in the U.S. visited a sit-down restaurant. The focal point of most meals is the meat. Getting the right taste is key, but the right texture is just as important. The two are often interlinked. The texture either compliments the taste or makes certain elements of the flavor profile stand out more. An investment in a good meat tenderizer is an investment in customer satisfaction. There are other benefits as well, and here are some of them.

The Meat will Cook Faster

Cooking is all about applying heat to a specific area in order to get it above a certain temperature. If the heat source is better able to get the radiant heat to the areas that need to be cooked, the process goes significantly faster. Tenderizing meat can help make this happen. As meat is tenderized, channels are created that can help direct the heat to the areas that need to be cooked. The tenderizing process also sometimes involves spreading or flattening the meat to a degree, and this can help the meat cook more evenly because the heat will have to permeate at more equal depths throughout the meat.

Not only will this make for a more consistent end product, it could save money as well. Time spent trying to spot-cook areas that haven’t been thoroughly reached by the heat is time wasted. The right industrial meat tenderizer can even out the cooking process and reduce time. Even if you have an industrial meat cutter, another valuable tool, tenderizing the meat is a great way to make a well-cut piece of meat cook even more efficiently. A meat tenderizer machine can get your meat to the point where it is easier to cook as well. Newer cooks will have less trouble getting the meat dishes right if the hassle of uneven cooking is removed. So the investment pays off when it comes to the time it takes to onboard new chefs as well.

The Flavor Is Improved

When the channels are created in the meat by a good meat tenderizer, the flavors of marinades and spices can more thoroughly penetrate the meat. It would be a shame to process the vegetables and juices for a marinade, or grind them to perfection in a commercial food grinder only to have them not get fully absorbed in the meat. The proteins in the meat are only half of the benefit. The way the flavor interacts with the spices and marinades you add to it really make the dish come together. You can use a vegetable processor to get everything just right, but to bring the whole thing home, an industrial meat tenderizer can make the meat ready for all the spices you have prepared for it.

The Meat Is Juicier

While tenderizing the meat, you can make sure its flavor is enhanced by virtue of it being juicier as well. The tenderization process releases juices between the fibers of the meat. These juices are then trapped inside the meat and released when the customer takes that first delicious bite. It’s similar to rolling an orange before eating it. The juice is released on the inside, and the exterior, although porous, is closed enough to keep the juices inside. This makes the eating experience much more enjoyable for the customer. This may be especially helpful for meats that benefit from being cooked by the boiling of their interior juices. The more juice that’s there, the easier the meat will cook. And because more juice is released inside, there will be a more robust flavor.

An industrial meat tenderizer has a number of benefits. Cooking the meat faster can not only improve the end product but save the restaurant time and money. Anytime there is an improvement to flavor, everyone benefits. Because an industrial meat tenderizer can work efficiently, the time investment behind the improved flavor is minimal. Making the meat juicier means your customers will be bragging to their friends, and taking a lot more food shots of their plates. As these are passed around the internet, getting oohs, aahs and drooling emojis, your profits will improve, just like the flavor of your meat.

Jul 15th 2019

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