Tortilla Masters TM-105 Ventura Flex Tabletop Corn Tortilla Machine

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• Made in the USA
• Production: Up to 840 Tortillas per Hour
• NSF & ETL Certification with stainless steel construction and food grade plastic rollers
• Lifetime sealed motor and gear driven transmission
• Front mounted controls with safety stop push button
• Automatic overload protection plus interlocked covers & doors
• Includes one 6 inch tortilla cutter (TC16) optional cutters sizes from 3.5" to 6.5" (TC10-TC18)
• 2 amp 115v single phase with 5 foot cord & plug
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Introducing the first tabletop restaurant style tortilla machine to meet NSF standards. Manufactured in the USA in Texas, creating a corn tortilla has never been easier. Tortilla Masters Equipment's Ventura Flex specialty is to produce a perfect corn tortilla that is ready to cook!


Tortilla Production Made Easy

Nothing separates a restaurant from the competition like fresh ingredients. And when it comes to Mexican food that will turn new customers into repeat clients, nothing is better than a freshly made corn tortilla.

Whether for a main dish or as the basis for delicious tacos, a freshly made corn tortilla simply can't be matched. The challenge in the past for restaurant managers, chefs and owners has been efficiently producing fresh corn tortillas while minimizing manpower.

Fortunately today there is a solution to economically and efficiently producing delicious corn tortillas. It's the Ventura Flex, tabletop corn tortilla machine from Tortilla Masters. Whether you need a dozen or lots of tortillas, the Ventura Flex produces beautiful tortillas with a standardized size that you control.

Ventura Flex is an easy to use restaurant quality, tabletop machine that meets ETL and NSF standards. If you're searching for the key to easy making tortillas, choose Ventura Flex.

Small Yet Powerful

The convenience of the Ventura Flex is solidified through its size and production capabilities. The sturdy design includes a solid stainless steel frame with small, yet powerful high-caliber components. The machine can be placed over a table, occupying a small space of 2 x 2 ft.

Full production capabilities include producing up to 840 tortillas per hour with flexibility of producing different tortilla diameters ranging from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches with optional cutters. It can also produce different tortilla thickness from 1 millimeter to 2 millimeters.

For restaurants, the size and number of griddles you have will influence how many tortillas you can make per hour. The speed control feature allows for customized production control for each meal period. 

Simple to loosen knobs adjust the distance between the rollers to the desired thickness for the tortilla. The thickness adjuster plate is in between the two slotted locks that indicate the thickness limit allowed.

A sturdy hand lever disengage the tortilla cutter from the roller system with ease, while an interlock spring loaded system engage the tortilla cutter to the roller system to start making tortillas.

How to Use Your Ventura Flex

Make Your Dough - Run it through the Ventra Flex - Cook the Tortillas



Add the power of the Ventura Flex to your restaurant

The experience of eating a fresh corn tortilla will leave a valuable impression on your customers. The aroma and flavor of a fresh corn tortilla is distinguishable and will help create recurring clientele in your restaurant.

Additionally, Your clientele will be encouraged to tell their friends to visit your restaurant. The Ventura Flex will simultaneously meet high production demands and provide an authentic experience for your customers, two assets that are invaluable in a restaurant.




1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Parts and Labor

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