Jul 24th 2017

Health Twists to Popular Food Items Will Make Your Business a Success

heavy duty meat grinder

67% of all Millennials say they prefer to order healthy options when out at a restaurant. And yet, the Pizza and burgers still rank in the top 5 of all delivery orders, according to Eater.

For restaurant owners, is has been difficult to find a way to bridge the gap between more conventional clientele and the new, emerging preferences of younger consumers. Often times, a restaurant will have to choose to focus on one, which results in alienating the other.

And while it is true that it is a mistake to try to please all people, it is prudent for restaurants to cast a slightly wider net. This post is designed to help you bridge that gap a little, to have the best of both worlds.

A (Not So) Killer Burger
Veggie burgers have a bad reputation. And in a number of ways, that is well deserved -- the vast majority of them are bland and uninteresting. The key is to not try to emulate the flavor of the beef, but the savoriness of the spices. Also, make sure that you are using a base that can stand up to some seasoning -- black bean or portobellos are two of the best bases.

If you can't make the full conversion to the veggie burger, consider using healthier meat. While turkey can be a touch bland. If you mix it with flavorful ingredients like oven dried cherry tomatoes and quinoa after you run it through your heavy duty meat grinder, you can create a healthy and delicious treat.

Pita Pizza
Conventional pizza is one of the most popular items on the market today. But with more and more people looking for healthy options, it might be worthwhile to look at similar foods from other nations, some of which are healthier. Manakeesh is one great option that is more healthy because it often does not require fatty sauces and toppings. Instead, the most common topping is spices like thyme, oregano, sumac, and sesame seeds.

Additionally, it is easy to use the commercial dough mixer machine and dough rolling machine that you already have for your more conventional pizzas, which means it will be easy to integrate.

Making small concessions to both health and populist opinions can help to extend the reach of your restaurant beyond your base of customers.

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