Pizza Equipment You Need for Your Restaurant

May 12th 2021

Pizza Equipment You Need for Your Restaurant

Whether you choose to make pizza your specialty or decide to add it to your existing menu, you must acquire the essential pieces of pizza equipment you need for your restaurant. There may be many items that you already have in your restaurant, but there are probably some tools and machines that you may need to purchase to prepare pizza specifically as well. Consider what you already have and determine what to get from there.

Dough Mixers

When you’re making pizza, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of dough. While you can knead the dough by hand, it may become impractical to keep up with the demands of your customers. Ordering a good mixer will allow you to produce large quantities of dough with minimal effort, leaving you more time to focus on the flavors, ingredients, and toppings.

Dough Press

Much like the mixer, you can press your pizza dough manually. But again, the process can become unsustainable if you can’t keep up with demand. Investing in a pizza press machine will allow you to bring uniformity to your pizzas and guarantee consistent quality with every pizza you serve.

Added Flavor

Depending on the oils that you use with your press, you can add extra flavor to your dough to give your pizza a distinct taste. The press combines two necessary steps in the pizza-making process into one and accomplishes them at a much faster rate.

Prep Table

You may have a prep table in your restaurant already. But to prevent cross-contamination, you may need to invest in another with a pizza-specific design. These pizza prep tables offer a large enough surface area on the countertop to place larger pizzas. They can also come equipped with compartments made to house toppings and sauces, conveniently keeping them at cool storage temperatures until you need them.

Table Length

The length of the tabletop that you need may depend on how much pizza you are producing in a given moment. For larger quantities, you’ll need a long table to adequately prep multiple pizzas at once. If you only want to make one pizza at a time, you can get away with a more compact prep station.

Know What You Need

The pizza equipment you need for your restaurant will vary based on how prominent the dish is on your menu. If pizza is your main draw, you’ll need to tailor your kitchen to its production. But if pizza is simply another item among a long list of other dishes, you may only need a small station to prepare it for when the need arises. Don’t purchase more than you have to, and don’t offer a food item if you don’t have the necessary equipment to prepare it.