Disposable Alcohol Wipes 60 Pcs - One Canister



  • 75% Alcohol with RO Pure Water
  • Non woven fabric 
  • Each container contains 60 wipes 
  • Wipe size: 6" L X 4" W 
  • Canister weight: 9 oz.
  • Canister dimensions.: 5" H X 3" W X 3" L
  • Recyclable canister. 
  • 2 Years shelf life.
  • $3.00 flat rate shipping per item to lower 48 states. 
  • Safety Warning:
    • Do not inject, eat or drink.
    • Keep away from fire and high temperature environments. 
    • Do not throw in toilet.
    • For external use ONLY.

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75% Alcohol For Quick Cleaning

Alcohol percentages above 70% are lab tested to be antiseptic and kills bacteria on surfaces. The content in 75% alcohol wipes allow for the alcohol to break down 99.9% bacteria before evaporating and leaving the surface sanitized and clean.

Guaranteed Quality

Wipes are guaranteed to arrive moisturized, not dried out and unusable. Each container comes sealed in an extra inner layer of plastic wrap that locks in the moisture. Once the inner wrap is opened, the wipes placed in the container can still be sealed and stored for future use or opened easily for use with the flip top.

Excellent Portability and Versatility

A resealable canister measuring only 4.9 in tall x 3.2 in diameter is the perfect size for taking the wipes on the go, or placing them on a dining table, counter, or desk without getting in the way.

The wipes are perforated between each sheet for easy removal of small sheets measuring 3.9 in x 5.9 in. This size is ideal for wiping down high touch items such as restaurant menus, phones, tablets, credit cards, doorknobs, handles, tools, pens, or other high contact areas.

Stretch Without Ripping

Each wipe is made of a resilient non-woven cloth material that can stretch easily to allow for more cleaning surface area. The added flexibility provides better rip and tear resistance while cleaning.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Each canister is manufactured from recyclable materials, helping to reduce waste that enters landfills. When the container is empty of all wipes and liquids please recycle the container at your local recycling location or place in a recycling bin. This helps protect the environment at the end of the useful product life.