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At Pro Restaurant Equipment, we don't just sell commercial meat grinders! We sell a full line of professional meat processing equipment and accessories including a heavy-duty commercial meat tenderizer, electric meat cutter, stainless steel jerky slicer, and deli-style meat slicers. On this page, you will find a healthy selection of high-quality meat processing products to fulfill your needs. We currently sell American Eagle branded meat grinders since they are the only manufacturer that provides the unique versatility of five interchangeable attachments on their heavy-duty meat grinder. While others might have a professional meat tenderizer or maybe even a jerky slicer, American Eagle is the only one offering a motor that can accommodate a meat grinder head, meat cutter attachment, jerky slicer accessory, meat tenderizer, and vegetable processor. So in theory, you can have a five-in-one commercial meat grinder machine with one motor powering multiple accessories. The quality of the American Eagle accessories is top-notch, no plastic gears or knives, everything is made out of stainless steel or cast aluminum. If you need extra meat grinder plates, blades, or sausage stuffing tubes, we also sell meat grinder accessories too. We want to help you make an informed purchasing decision on your commercial meat grinders, so don't hesitate to contact us at 800.914.1991 for assistance.