American Eagle AE-VS12NH Vegetable Cutter Shredder Disk

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  • Genuine OEM part

  • Stainless steel disk available in shredding sizes: 1/4" or 5/16"

  • Aluminum alloy disk holder sold separately

  • Easy to clean, lightweight, & sturdy

  • Compatible with the Vegtable Shredder/Slicer Attachment model: AE-VS12NH & the Commercial Electric Vegetable Cutter Kit model: AE-GV22

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: (click to expand)

We think the AE-VS12NH line is a good affordable option for most restaurants. The plate is a reasonable price for the quality you are getting. Plus, there are quite a few applications. For example: cheese for pizzas, cabbage for cole slaw, lettuce for tacos. Please note that we are NOT able to change the shred sizes once you use the plates. If looking to shred hard cheese such as parmesan, we recommend using the V12 Grating plate, not the shredding plate.