Rising to the Occasion: Keeping Up With Growing Bakery Production Needs

Rising to the Occasion: Keeping Up With Growing Bakery Production Needs

Much like a good yeast bread dough, you know that you need to rise to the demands of your customers when your bakery is growing. Speeding up production can feel overwhelming for a small bakery, but here are some ideas for rolling out the dough without compromising your signature recipes.

Invest in new equipment, like an industrial dough mixer
Some dough takes up to 25 minutes to knead by hand, but an industrial dough mixer machines speed up the dough-making process astronomically. If you're finding that thick dough and cramped hands are the biggest time-sucks in your kitchen, investing in a heavy duty dough mixer means an easy solution for more fresh loaves on the shelves per day. Consider other processes in your bakery that you wouldn't mind getting the help of some equipment with, such as a dough sheeter or dough roller machine.

Experiment with faster rising techniques
As a smaller bakery, you may not have thought too much about the rising time of your baked goods; you had too many other things to worry about! But experimenting with your recipes to find a faster dough-rising technique to shave a little time off preparation (without compromising the flavor and texture you want, of course) is worth it.

Pre-prepare dough
Have extra time at the end of the day? Have extra dough that would be a shame to waste? Freeze it. Some bakers are under the impression that freezing dough hurts its integrity, but for the majority of breads this is far from the truth. Dough can be frozen and kept fresh for quite a while before baking. Experiment with your own dough to see how well it holds up in the freezer. You can start making popular seasonal recipes well before they need to be baked!

Create a routine and perfect it
Whether or not you need new equipment or new baking techniques, all bakeries should be re-evaluating their daily routine as they grow. Fine-tuning your kitchen's routine could greatly enhance the productivity of your kitchen team and lower stress levels. If you don't directly work in the kitchen, be sure to consult your team about how a better routine and schedule can be created. Happy bakers means yummier bread and happier customers.

Growing a business is a great and challenging journey. Whether you need a little organization or a new industrial dough mixer, Pro Restaurant Equipment has the advice and supplies you need to up your bakery's game.

Jul 30th 2018

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